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We’re super excited to report the Hello Ranger App has launched. Rooted in national parks, and the communities these beautiful and inspiring places create. The parks are rare havens of diversity, but they also have the unique ability to unite us all. Together, we’re #UnitedbyNature. By fostering this sense of community, we have built an app that allows us all to connect and interact in meaningful ways, by sharing stories, photos, and memories. It’s an app that opts for “friendships” rather than “followers,” because we’re all in this together. Here’s the scoop:


Connecting Members

Like other popular social media platforms, the Hello Ranger app will feature an @ mentions system and a # hashtag system, making it easy to follow along and discover.

You’ll be able to connect with users via friend requests, rather than follows. Why? We believe in genuine connections and mutual support.

There will also be community group access and private direct messenger.

Verified Members

Verified Hello Ranger Ambassadors are easily found with a green checkmark. 

Are you a park ranger, or a parks-related employee? We want to showcase you and the work that you do! Thus, we’re working on ways to verify users that fit these parameters. Once we get more details, we will add this functionality to the app. 


You’ll be able to post a range of content to your feed, including text, videos, images, weblinks, in-app deep links, and GIFs (supported by giphy.com). All media posts can have a text description. 

You’ll also be able to share posts outside the app when a post is shared via traditional social networks or email—a web view of the post page will be automatically generated, displaying the post, along with comments, and details on how to sign up for the app, so you can spread the Hello Ranger love with friends.

Menu Structure


By downloading the Hello Ranger app, you’re becoming an official community member. You’ll have your own profile you can customize, and a feed where you can interact with other members, and share stories, photos, and videos of all things national parks.

Host Feed

For all news and updates from Hello Ranger and Hello Ranger Ambassadors, the main host feed of the app is your go-to source. You’ll also be able to follow along with individual facilitators and ambassadors via their own handles.

Community Feed

The community feed is a space for members to tell their stories. It’s unrestricted and open, and members can publish their own content, as well as comment on other posts with text, photos, memes, and GIFs.


The app will feature five main groups to start: Region, Camping, Lifestyle, Education, and Diversity. In these groups, we’ll house a wide range of sub-groups to help you discover new communities. These will expand and evolve naturally over time, as we get feedback from the community.


A big part of our community-driven mission is connecting with likeminded travelers and friends. Through the app, we plan to organize and host events in and around our national parks, from park cleanup days and group picnics to providing access for people with disabilities.


In addition to interacting with other members on the community feed, you’ll be able to use the secure private messenger to talk directly among friends.


If you’re ever looking to learn more about the Hello Ranger brand, the app provides a direct link to our website, where you’ll be able to peruse articles, guides, news, contact info, and lots more.

Support & Feedback

The Hello Ranger app exists because of you, and our overall goal is to provide a welcoming community for all members. Your support and feedback is very important to us, so we’ve made it easy for you to get in touch with us via the app.

Our community is in Mother Nature’s hands.

We’re building a safe space for this amazing community of national park lovers, enthusiasts, families, and so much more. This is an inclusive space to talk about all the things that connect us. At the end of the day, while we are all inherently and wonderfully different, we are United By Nature.

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