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Hot Springs is One National Park Where You Should Pack an Appetite

National parks are popular destinations for hiking, paddling, wildlife-spotting, and museums, but foodie meccas they are not—usually. Unless of course you visit Hot Springs National Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas, a tiny park unlike anything else in the National Park Service, and one that’s sure to change your idea of dining and drinking at national parks.

Hello Ranger’s Guide to Great Basin National Park

As one of the most remote—and least visited—national parks in the contiguous U.S., Great Basin is a place of wonder, discovery, larger-than-life vistas, and solitude on a scale most people aren’t able to find nowadays.

Kaci’s Camp-Style Chicken Alfredo

I’m not going to bore you with a witty line about chicken or pasta; I’m not a food blogger. However, I do enjoy a delicious meal while camping in the woods, and I would like to briefly tell you how I created this recipe for chicken alfredo!

The Evolution of Conservation

Things change. That’s always going to be the case, and as our interests in our national parks grows, so will our needs to maintain and care for them.

Hello Ranger’s Guide to Gulf Islands National Seashore

Gulf Islands National Seashore, which is low-key one of the largest and most visited national park sites in the entire country, has parts in the Florida panhandle, and parts along Mississippi’s barrier islands. Between the two, this coastal colossus packs a wallop with military history, epic wildlife, and terrain that ranges from salt marshes and mainland forest to postcard-perfect sandy beaches and dunes.

Gulf Islands National Seashore Photo Journal

After bookending our 2019 with stints in and around Gulf Islands National Seashore, an expansive coastal park that encompasses two states, we’re recapping some of our most epic memories and experiences in the Florida panhandle and Mississippi.

Distance Hiking During a Pandemic

When the news dropped in March that people were getting sick from this mysterious virus, cities were shutting down since no one knew how it spread, and full-on panic hit the United States. Our wedding wasn’t exactly on the top of our list of concerns, but as time went on and people settled into the social distancing scene, we came to the realization that the responsible thing for us to do was cancel our wedding and reception.

Hello Ranger’s Guide to Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

When it comes to quintessential, formative American Presidents, names like Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Barack Obama come to mind, but how about Lyndon Baines Johnson? The Vice President who took over the presidency following JFK’s assassination, the Texas democrat had a surprisingly monumental impact on American history.


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