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The Virtual Junior Ranger Program Brings the Parks to Your Home

As teachers and families have had to alter and adjust their manners of attending school, national parks have had to adjust their means of educating families. In a time of crisis, as we all adapt, it has been apparent that the National Park Service is working overtime to provide opportunities that sustain some normalcy in our “new normal.”

The Most Epic Drives In and Around National Parks

It should be no surprise that we LOVE driving, and we’ve done a lot of it! A lot of the time, our favorite memories are driving to and around national parks—although we love a good hike, too. These are our favorite drives… so far

Petroglyph National Monument Photo Journal

Any place that combines ancient petroglyphs, dormant volcanoes, hot air balloons, the best beer in the country, and a museum dedicated to rattlesnakes is a place I love. These are just a handful of reasons why Albuquerque is so great, and we celebrate them all (and more!) with this week’s photo journal.

Grandma Joy’s Guide to the Best National Park Boardwalks

As we crisscrossed the United States on our journey to check all the national parks off our list, time and time again we were pleasantly surprised by how accessible our public lands have become for families of all ages. One of the least stressful hikes you can take is along a wooden boardwalk, void of stumbling blocks like roots and rocks, and replete with benches to stop and rest while taking in an inspiring view.

Acadia National Park Photo Journal

After a whirlwind weekend near Portland for my brother’s amazing wedding, we drove our rental car up to Bar Harbor to drink in the sights (all! the! foliage!) and immerse ourselves in and around the park. Skip down misty memory lane with us with our Acadia National Park Photo Journal!

#NPSDinnerParty: Bison Fry Bread Tacos

Of all the many reasons why I’m obsessed with South Dakota, the food is high on the list. Who knew! Among the state’s myriad underrated assets, its distinct regional cuisine and culinary history is tops. From surprising German desserts and a burgeoning wine scene to walleye in all forms, there’s lots to savor here.

7 Tips for Solo Hiking

When you’re hiking alone, playing it safe is usually the right strategy. Make sure someone knows where you are at all times and that you’re prepared in case something goes wrong. That way, you can relax on your hike and enjoy all the wonders of the parks instead of worrying about all the things you aren’t prepared for!

Hello Ranger’s Guide to the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail

The Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail spotlights the 54-mile route that Black protestors trekked in order to demand Civil Rights and basic freedoms in 1965. Chiefly, the right to vote was being violently suppressed in central Alabama, and in retaliation against such injustices—along with the slaying of Black citizens—it was time to take a stand.

Step Back in Time at Yosemite’s Historic Ahwahnee Hotel

Yosemite’s Ahwahnee Hotel has to be one of the swankiest hotels in all the national parks. And while queens, presidents, and celebrities have stayed there over the past century, park visitors in hiking boots are also fortunate to be able to experience this crown jewel for themselves.

#FindYourThemePark: Cedar Point

We’re starting a new mini series for our Patreon feed! It’s called #FindYourThemePark, and it’s all about different theme parks, amusement parks, and amusing, thematic places we love. First up is Ohio’s Cedar Point, aka America’s “Roller Coast,” where the rides are intimidating and the history is surprisingly deep.

A Winter Escape to the Florida Everglades

If you’re looking to explore the South Florida national parks, we’ll just about always suggest a winter visit. That is especially true for Everglades National Park. The summer heat and humidity are almost unbearable, but almost more important than the astronomical seasons is the rainy season vs. the dry season. In the Everglades, the rainy season runs from mid-May through November, and the dry season is December through April. While no one likes a rainy vacation, the Everglades is all about water. Thus, you want to make sure you are visiting when… Read More


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One Night at Badlands National Park and a Lifetime of Memories

For an unknown reason, Badlands National Park intimidated me from afar. I wasn’t sure that it was a park I wanted to visit (alone). Being budget-conscious, I didn’t want to spend money on hotels, so I booked the campsite despite my fears. Coincidentally, this park ended up being my favorite!

Welcome to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

So, you like cultivated water-loving plants? Well, there’s a national park site for that! In fact, the only one dedicated to such a topic through the National Park Service is located in Washington D.C. Welcome to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens.

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