Travel Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

One of the greatest things about national parks is how budget-friendly they can be. Unlike theme parks or cities, these are places that are truly for everyone. And that means affordable. With our budget travels page, we highlight all the ways people can experience the parks from a budget-friendly perspective, and how making epic memories needn’t come at a high price tag.  

How to Make a Travel Budget That Works

Let’s get into the meat and potatoes of budget travel: your actual budget. Because it’s all fun and games until you get home from your magical time spent frolicking and forest bathing and soaking up that Vitamin D…aaaaaand then you look at your bank account.

Top 3 Cheapest (and Most Expensive) National Parks

Did you know that visiting a U.S. national park can range from very cheap to mind blowingly expensive? I tend to get kinda preachy about how affordable I find national parks, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. There are some parks that are just going to steal your wallet, no matter how you dice it. Curious about which parks are secretly pricey and which ones aren’t? I got you!