Everyone experiences national parks in different ways. Some prefer to pitch a tent, while others drive their own RVs or camper vans. And then there are those who gravitate towards hotels, resorts, and lodges. There are many ways in which to visit national parks, and these are what comprise the camping styles aspect of the journey, and contribute an important part of the Hello Ranger Community as well. To help build our community, we’ve brought on a crew of Camping Ambassadors to help inspire with their own insight, guides, and expertise. Our Camping Ambassadors cover the following topics: Tent & Car Camping, Van Life, and Hotel & Resort Lodging. Start your journey by following along with one of our guides:

Kaci’s Camp-Style Chicken Alfredo

I’m not going to bore you with a witty line about chicken or pasta; I’m not a food blogger. However, I do enjoy a delicious meal while camping in the woods, and I would like to briefly tell you how I created this recipe for chicken alfredo!


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Tent & Car Camping Ambassador

Kaci Preston (She/Her/Hers)

Home Base: Kansas

Hello, I’m Kaci, The Car Camping Queen! I’ll be your guide for all things camping! I believe in seeing the outdoor world in the most unique ways possible, and would like to share my knowledge and passion for camping and national parks with you! I have earned “The Car Camping Queen” title because I bring along everything you could imagine for a camping trip. With my handy checklists and superb organization skills, I never leave anything behind!

Hotels, Resorts, and Lodges Ambassador

Matt & Karen Smith

Home Base: Washington State

Hello, we’re Matt and Karen and we’re the authors of the Dear Bob and Sue series of books and the hosts of the Dear Bob and Sue podcast, where we share stories about our visits to all the national parks and other public lands. Here at Hello Ranger, we’re going to be exploring a variety of unique, fun, and fabulous places to stay when you’re out adventuring in the parks. 

Van Life Ambassador

Sabrina & Wes

Home Base: Somewhere between Alaska and Florida

Hello, We’re Sabrina & Wes! We live, work and travel full-time out of our self-built Ford Transit van, which is a huge comfort upgrade from the Jeep Wrangler we use to live in!
At ExploreHere and YouMeAndTheParks, we build web and mobile apps that help share information and history about our parks, lands, and all the places in-between.

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