Hello Ranger Needs a Backcountry Ambassador—Is That You?

As we conceptualized the idea of Hello Ranger, the central philosophy of it all was the sense of community. It’s what inspires us as we explore national parks, meeting new people and learning from them as we go. We knew from the beginning that we couldn’t do Hello Ranger without this ethos of community as the foundation. We’ve since been lucky enough to compile a crew of ambassadors across a range of lifestyles, regions, and travel styles, from tent campers and LGBTQ+ travelers to folks with disabilities.

One aspect of our ambassador program that’s important to highlight is backcountry camping. Especially when talking about traveling America’s national parks and camping, there’s nothing more quintessentially adventurous than a foray into the wilderness, far away from any visitor centers, museums, and crowds. And there’s no better way to immerse yourself in nature, surrounded by the likes of trees, dunes, cacti, mountains, ocean waves, or whatever else might provide your pristine backdrop.

As an important part of the parks puzzle, this is why we’re looking for someone to join our Hello Ranger crew as Backcountry Camping Ambassador. It’s an experience we’ve always found captivating, and we want to ensure these stories are being told by people who actually do it.

Want to become an ambassador? Reach out to us at smile@hellorangercommunity.com with the subject line “Hello Ranger Ambassador Program” with a description of why you would be a great fit for the community.

Header photo: Courtesy of Noatak National Preserve/NPS


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