The Most Epic Drives In and Around National Parks

It should be no surprise that we LOVE driving, and we’ve done a lot of it! A lot of the time, our favorite memories are driving to and around national parks—although we love a good hike, too. These are our favorite drives… so far

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The Boondocking Basics for Van-Lifers

Boondocking, aka “dry camping,” is a kind of vehicle or RV camping without connection to services such as water, sewer, or electric. In a lot of cases, you trade these services, neighbors, and noise for solidarity, space, and beautiful sights and stars! Oh, and it’s usually free!

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Hello Ranger Needs a Van Life Ambassador—Is That You?

One lifestyle aspect of our ambassador program that’s important to highlight is Van Lifestyle. Especially when talking about traveling America’s national parks and camping, it’s a prominent piece of the nomadic puzzle, right up there with RVs, tent camping, and hotels and lodges. There’s just something so freeing, alluring, and quintessentially all-American about the van life experience, and we want to share that with readers and intrepid explorers.

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