What It’s Like Being Non-Binary on Trails

Just because society sees my gender as “outside the box” doesn’t mean my trail life is unusual compared to the next person. Nature doesn’t care where I use the restroom, as long as its away from a water source and off-trail, of course. The animals I come across do not ask where I fit on the gender binary scale. Sure, other people I come across might be confused at first and require some reassurance, but hiking and backpacking have become my escape from the binary—a place where I can exist without question; a safe-haven for my transgendered body.

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Nature Doesn’t Care About Gender: Finding Safety and Comfort in the Wilderness

Nature doesn’t care about our gender, how we dress or what bathroom we use; nature provides us a safe space where we can be free to live without being evaluated, and we can be ourselves without judgment. The outdoors lifts our anxieties of existing in a binary gendered world, and shows us how beautiful the world truly is.

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