Family Trips to National Parks: More Than Just a Vacation

While visiting the parks with children is a lot different than an all adult trip, the experiences, memories, and chance to take in national parks through a child’s eyes are immeasurable. It can be intimidating to plan a family trip to a national park, but I look forward to sharing many lessons learned.

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The “Unsexy” Truth About Budget Travel

Photo courtesy of Michelle Berkes

The truth about budget travel is that it’s often unglamorous. It’s full of PB&Js, very long drives, and weeks without showers. But when it comes to national parks, it’s also full of the most mind-blowing views you will ever see, meals with strangers-turned-friends, and epic memories that will last a lifetime.

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Article Coming Soon

Oops! Sorry we missed you. Our first article will be live by June 1st, and we are so excited to share our journey with you. In the meantime, please check out our friends and fellow ambassadors.

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RV Life is for the Dogs

Ultimately, I get the sense that homesickness is something that really doesn’t affect me, and I guess that’s because my idea of home isn’t really a specific location; rather, it’s about the people I’m with, no matter where that may be. This is why our RV is the best sense of home I’ve ever felt.

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