Top Reasons to Visit Acadia National Park in the Fall

By and large, a vast majority of these annual visitors make the trip in the summer and fall, and rightfully so, but the latter season is easily the optimal time to experience the one-and-only Acadia National Park.

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A Stroll Through History in Boston

You know a city has deep roots when the city itself is literally a national park site. It’s the rare place where simply wandering around downtown is an immersive journey through centuries of patriotic pastimes. Boston National Historical Park serves to remind everyone that the city is the “Cradle of Liberty,” and the site of the first major battle in the American Revolution, paving the way for freedom and independence.

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A Primer on the Northeast Region’s National Parks

From famed towns like Salem, Massachusetts, and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to the world-renowned monuments of New York City and equally famed shores of Acadia National Park, the Northeast Region boasts some of the country’s most essential sights in the National Park Service, and as a New Hampshire native, they’ll always hold a special place in my heart, no matter where I happen to be roving.

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