Anyone who says learning can’t be fun surely hasn’t spent enough time in national parks. Education is a key aspect of the national park experience, and it comes in all different styles and topics, from politics and wellness to conservation and history. It’s an added bonus that educational opportunities in the parks also happen to be fun, inspiring, and exciting.

The 7 Principles of Leave No Trace

As you prepare to venture out this year, take a moment to get familiar with the seven principles of Leave No Trace (LNT). This set of guidelines helps clarify how we can each participate in outdoor recreation responsibly and leave minimal impact on the lands we are visiting.

Vote Parks Ambassador

Sandra Ramos (She/Her/Hers)

Home Base: On My Way to Montana, via Texas

Hello, I’m Sandra Ramos. After 20 years in public service, working on campaigns for members of Congress, I decided to hang up my hat. Shortly thereafter, I fell in love with national parks, but the love of politics and policy never left me. I nerd out daily to a Google alert of national park news, and I want to activate the incredible voices of national park enthusiasts to #VoteParks.

Mental Health & Wellness Ambassador

Kayla Fanning

Home Base: Wherever “Vinnie the Winnie” is parked!

Hello there! Mental health and wellness are my life’s passions, and I strongly believe our environment and culture play the largest role in our holistic well-being. I help organizations and humans build happier, healthier lives so they can thrive and not just survive. Nature is where I reset and find balance. I’ve long believed that humans need to get back to nature to build their daily wellness practices from the ground up, pun intended.

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Educational Opportunities Ambassador

Patrick Rodden (He/Him/His)

Home Base: California

Hello, I’m Patrick, a full-time educator and a volunteer for the National Park Service. I grew up on the east coast, spent ten years on the middle coast (Chicago), and now live on the best coast! Learning about parks and playing with my Nikon are my hobbies! I’ve been to 156 NPS units and counting, and love sharing my passion with others. Hit me up if you want to be a lifelong Junior Ranger with me.

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Conservation Ambassador

Meghan McNichol (She/Her/Hers)

Home Base: Everywhere, USA

Hello, beautiful souls. I’m Meghan, a quiet, contemplative, passionate being who’s been wandering around the country for the last 15 years and finally decided to put my house on my back—two years ago, I moved into my van, and have been finding ways to live minimally, reduce my footprint, and live in harmony with this little blue dot we call home. Join me as I continue to discover how to need less so I can live more.


Maybe someday, but it’s not important to the journey I am on right now.

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