Conservation is a Commitment to Protect Something

Hello everyone! I’m Evelyn. I’m a cat mom to an outspoken Siamese, a fan of D.C. United soccer, devotee of tacos, and lover of the outdoors. True joy for me is hiking to a mountain top or waterfall, while surrounded by sounds of nature and catching glimpses of passing animals. My trifecta of true passions are wildlife, travel, and conservation.

Accomplishing my dream of Half Dome summit (Yosemite National Park)

I come from a background of working in environmental education and wildlife conservation.  During this time, I worked in wildlife rehabilitation centers, wildlife sanctuaries for animals (such as big cats) that had been kept as pets, and accredited zoos working to ensure conservation of endangered species. In these roles, I enjoyed sharing critical information about these species, such as what their habitats are like, why they’re endangered, and how people can help. While my career has transitioned, sharing this information remains a passion of mine, and I continue to learn more about issues facing wildlife and share that knowledge with others.  

My early career led me to live in some extraordinary places that greatly impacted my life, including Northern California, the Cayman Islands, and the Dominican Republic. Living in NorCal inspired my love of hiking.  There are so many incredible places to explore there! I met my husband while working in the Dominican Republic.  Together, we explored much of this beautiful island nation. I currently reside on the East Coast.

Falling in love with hiking at Lake Tahoe

I love to travel and travel-plan! In the last few years, my travels have become increasingly outdoor-focused. This has included visits to several new-to-me national parks, including the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Glacier, and Badlands. The North Rim gave me a new perspective on the Grand Canyon — I loved seeing it at this higher elevation with fall colors and less crowds.  With each of these opportunities, I like to try out a hike or two and ensure some time to observe wildlife. In parks with big game, I always keep my eyes peeled for one of my all-time favorite animals: moose!

My favorite trails are those to see waterfalls. Who doesn’t love the thundering roar of the water cascading over a cliff? Havasu Falls (Havasupai Reservation), Yosemite Falls (Yosemite National Park), and Narada Falls (Mount Rainier National Park) are three that have captured my heart. 


Narada Falls at Mount Rainier National Park in the mid-morning light

Conservation is an effort that has many layers. It is really about commitment — the commitment to protect something. I am a firm believer that people protect what they love. For that reason, I think education is the core of conservation. Spreading the knowledge and the passion to others to strengthen the commitment to protect a place or protect a species or protect Earth as a whole. Recently, I completed an intensive training on climate change (called Climate Reality) and its impacts and solutions. The information I learned in this training was never more relevant.

Here at Hello Ranger, I plan to utilize these three passions of wildlife, travel, and conservation to provide useful articles on conservation topics that are impacting our environment right now. Some of these articles will focus on issues that are currently affecting our national parks (such as climate change and over-tourism) or on programs in the parks that were developed to alleviate environmental concerns (such as reintroducing wolves to the Yellowstone NP ecosystem and the “Don’t Feed the Landfills” initiative). 

View of the North Kaibab Trail from Coconino Overlook (Grand Canyon National Park – North Rim)

We’ll also discuss ways that we can take action during our visits to the public lands and in our daily lives. These tips will help us feel empowered, not overwhelmed. My goal for these articles is to start these important conversations so that we can help each other learn and grow and in doing so, collectively work to protect these special places that we love.

For Evelyn, true joy is hiking to a mountain top or waterfall, while surrounded by sounds of nature and catching glimpses of passing animals. Her trifecta of passions are wildlife, travel, and conservation. Follow her on her blog, Expeditions With Evelyn, and her Instagram!


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