Let’s Learn Together

For anyone who’s explored a national park visitor center can attest, education is a major component of the National Park Service. No matter your age or experience level with national parks, education opportunities abound, and there’s always something new to learn and discover, as you’ll see with content on this page. 

The Virtual Junior Ranger Program Brings the Parks to Your Home

As teachers and families have had to alter and adjust their manners of attending school, national parks have had to adjust their means of educating families. In a time of crisis, as we all adapt, it has been apparent that the National Park Service is working overtime to provide opportunities that sustain some normalcy in our “new normal.”

Photo by Patrick Rodden

Learn Your Park

Within each of the (now) 419 units, there is a story, an ecology, a natural existence that we do not often see with the naked eye. When one steps back and looks at the park experience, it is easy to forget that there is something grander than towering cliffs, glowing night skies banded with the Milky Way, lapping blue bioluminescent waves, and a primal desire to explore. There is an education to be had.