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First Things First: What Are National Parks?

At its core, a national park is a place that’s been set aside for conservation and preservation. These are often places of iconic natural beauty, like Yosemite and Grand Canyon, but national parks can also be in urban areas, historic battlefields, and beyond. You might be surprised by the breadth of parks, and the fact that there might be one in your own backyard.

Photo courtesy of NPS

How Big Bend Inspired My Love for National Parks

It’s hard not to become instantly obsessed with national parks when you’re trudging through the muddy Rio Grande, refusing to let the quicksand-like slurry deter you from the other-worldly splendors of Santa Elena Canyon. It’s a testament to the wonders that await at Texas’ Big Bend National Park, one of the most remote and least visited parks in the contiguous United States.

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