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The Virtual Junior Ranger Program Brings the Parks to Your Home

As teachers and families have had to alter and adjust their manners of attending school, national parks have had to adjust their means of educating families. In a time of crisis, as we all adapt, it has been apparent that the National Park Service is working overtime to provide opportunities that sustain some normalcy in our “new normal.”

The Most Epic Drives In and Around National Parks

It should be no surprise that we LOVE driving, and we’ve done a lot of it! A lot of the time, our favorite memories are driving to and around national parks—although we love a good hike, too. These are our favorite drives… so far

Petroglyph National Monument Photo Journal

Any place that combines ancient petroglyphs, dormant volcanoes, hot air balloons, the best beer in the country, and a museum dedicated to rattlesnakes is a place I love. These are just a handful of reasons why Albuquerque is so great, and we celebrate them all (and more!) with this week’s photo journal.

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