An Artistic Approach to Creating Culture

Creating a culture of community is something the art world has been doing for centuries—in fact, it might be the longest running community known to the human race. This is such a powerful concept to look to for inspiration. Many people don’t understand why artists build communities. These are creators who shape and mold the identity of the human spirit. Just look around your local communities and you’ll discover that art is everywhere. When we take the time to appreciate the intricacies of wilderness and view it as natural art, we can truly express how bringing that experience back home is so important. 

This concept we are working on—and towards—with Hello Ranger is a freer way to live. It’s a place where your mind can recognize the beauty it creates in itself, revealing a vision for the future. There are some within our community who don’t get to see it with their own eyes, but when they visit, they feel it with their souls, much like memories you feel when you go home. They change you and sculpt you into your own piece of artwork. These are your stories and how you decide to share them. 

When I asked each of our ambassadors to embark on this journey with us, they immediately opened up to share their stories and their art. This concept of community we are building is our own individual creation of art. It’s what we give to our neighbors, and thus, our community. We give and take from one another and remind ourselves that we need to get back to basics first. In order to bring people in, and to remind yourself of the journey you have been on, is to revisit those basics. Recall those emotions of your first experience struggling to map out directions to the local grocery store as a child, or to those who face injustices of discrimination trying to get to those same stores. 

This community and culture we are painting is the truth of these stories, taking time to recognize when someone has a disability you can see, or one that is invisible and often glossed over. It’s a place to reconnect with wellness, and education; a place to find your ambassador, or a new friend on a journey. These new connections might be people who are at a different place in life than you, allowing you both to open up and connect by celebrating those differences and basking in the change that connection makes in the world. 

The artistic approach to getting there is a journey worth taking. 

Stay spunky my friends,
Bradley G. Kirouac
Co-founder, Hello Ranger


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