The Hello Ranger Podcast is Here!

The next big piece of the Hello Ranger puzzle is in place, with the official launch of the Hello Ranger Podcast

It’s hard to fathom how just a few months ago, our lives were on an entirely different path. We were planning on traveling from Houston to Los Angeles to record season three of our previous podcast with iHeartRadio, followed by ample adventures along the west coast and in states like Utah, Montana, and Washington. But then a little thing called COVID-19 came in like a wrecking ball.

At first, as things fell apart before our eyes, it was hard not to get anxious and fearful. After a couple weeks of reflection, however, the dream we’ve been chasing dawned on us, and the opportunity we’ve been looking for all along was suddenly in focus. It was the idea of establishing an inclusive national parks community, by way of a blog with diverse ambassadors, a social application, and of course, a new podcast that was creatively and entirely our own. 

With Hello Ranger, we’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with ambassadors from across the country, and now with the launch of our new podcast, we’re excited to take the spotlight off of us and our lives as RVers, and spread the spotlight onto the greater national parks community. For fans of our previous podcast, fear not—seasons will follow a similar structure, with 13 main episodes focused on specific national park sites we’ve visited, along with a slew of bonus episodes available to subscribers on our Patron program. You can expect a friendly, all-natural banter as we talk about everything from inner-child sand doodles at White Sands National Park to boozy French Quarter shenanigans at New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park. We’re also not afraid to get real and let our emotions show, especially with places like the Oklahoma City National Memorial and the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail, so you may want to get the tissues ready. Take it from us.  

While our first show was squarely about us and our RV adventures in and around the parks, the Hello Ranger podcast will do more with—and for—others. Not only is this evident in the types of parks we’re highlighting, supplementing the biggies like Acadia with lesser-known gems like Georgia’s Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park, but with the fact that we’re committed to donating 20% of profits from our Patron program and merch store (and eventual app downloads) to charities that protect and preserve national parks, along with supporting initiatives to connect people to our national parks and make them more accessible. Going forward, we also intend to include more interviews and even podcast takeovers with likeminded hosts and shows. 

The Hello Ranger podcast is available now on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or anywhere you listen to podcasts. We’d be honored if you would subscribe, rate and review us, and share with friends and family. Heck, tell your frenemies! And please always feel free to reach out to us at smile@hellorangercommunity.com or via our social channels @HelloRangerUSA. We want this show, and the entire Hello Ranger vision, to be as much about you as it is us. We’re all #UnitedByNature


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