As we conceptualized the idea of Hello Ranger, the central philosophy of it all was the sense of community. It’s what inspires us as we explore national parks, meeting new people and learning from them as we go. We knew from the very beginning that we couldn’t do Hello Ranger without this idea of community as its foundation. Thus, we’re proud to work with a crew of Hello Ranger Ambassadors, who act as digital guides to various regions and topics surrounding our national parks.

These are people who serve as impassioned representatives of specific ideas within the national parks community, be it a regional expert from the Southeast or Alaska; someone who can share insight and stories relating to mental health and wellness; or someone well-versed in the world of tent and car camping. Altogether, our Hello Ranger Ambassadors are divvied into five categories: Regional, Camping, Education, Lifestyle, and Diversity. Find your guide by searching your articles of interest, where you’ll be able to follow their journeys with bi-monthly stories.

“The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak, so we must and we will.”

– Theodore Roosevelt


Just like the mission of the National Park Service is to help you #FindYourPark, ours is to help you #FindYourAmbassador. Below you’ll find a list of our wonderful Hello Ranger Ambassadors, organized by category and topic. Follow along and let your journey begin!

Regional Ambassadors⁣


Riley (The Parks Expert)


Becky Lomax 


Amy & Greg Sippl

National Capital

Chris Rief 


Matt Kirouac

Pacific West

Linda Mohammad 


Bonnie and Grant⁣

Camping Ambassadors

Tent and Car Camping

Kaci Preston 

RV Camping

Jason Epperson 

Hotels, Resorts, and Lodges

Matt & Karen Smith 

Lifestyle Ambassadors


Danielle Jacobs-Erwin 

Budget Travels

Michelle Berkes 

Solo Traveler

Lindsay King

Bark Ranger

Bark Ranger Finn 


Sandra Ramos 

Education Ambassadors

Educational Opportunities

Patrick Rodden


Meghan McNichol

Vote Parks

Sandra Ramos 

Mental Health and Wellness

Kayla Fanning 

Diversity Ambassadors

Native American

Angel Tadytin

Race and Ethnicity

Lauren Gay 

Age and Ability

Grandma Joy 

Adaptive Disability

Matthew Tilford 

Invisible Disabilities

Syren Nagakyrie 

Gender Identity and Expression

Max & Jaye 


Dustin Ballard & Michael Ryan

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