Let’s Travel in Style

Not all national parks-lovers enjoy “roughing it.” Many prefer the comforts of a hotel, resort, or lodge at the end of a long day on a hiking trail or rafting trip. Conveniently, our national parks are filled with—and surrounded by—lodging options like these, from boutique and historic properties, to glamping experiences.  Join us on our journey and find out more below.

Glacier’s Hidden Gem: the Belton Chalet

If Glacier National Park is the “Crown of the Continent,” its three grand hotels are its most precious jewels. However, a smaller, lesser-known lodge, the Belton Chalet, was the first to welcome guests when the park opened in 1910. We think it’s a hidden gem.

Step Back in Time at Yosemite’s Historic Ahwahnee Hotel

Yosemite’s Ahwahnee Hotel has to be one of the swankiest hotels in all the national parks. And while queens, presidents, and celebrities have stayed there over the past century, park visitors in hiking boots are also fortunate to be able to experience this crown jewel for themselves.

From Luxury Lodges to Glamping Resorts: How to Visit National Parks in Style

One thing we can say for sure: where you stay will affect your entire park experience. If you don’t plan on setting up a cot next to your car and sleeping under the stars at highway rest stops while 18-wheelers rumble past you, and would prefer to have a roof over your head, the following categories of lodging can be found throughout the parks, and close by.