Welcome, International Guests

The concept of national parks may have started in the U.S., with Yellowstone National Park being the world’s first, but in the ensuing centuries, federally protected public lands have become a cornerstone of countries all over the world. Journey beyond borders with international parks far and wide—including plentiful options in our northern neighbor, where Canadian icons like Banff and Yoho are calling.

The Spark That Ignited a Love Affair With National Parks

It was the spark that ignited my love affair for U.S. National Parks, and subsequently, all national parks. For years, Yellowstone seemed so far away. It was like a distant dream until I finally set my goal to see it in the summer of 2017.

An International Visitor from the Great White North

As your humble neighbor from Canada, it is my pleasure to share my understanding of the U.S. national parks through an international lens, and also my expertise of the Canadian national parks system. There are so many different perspectives on the parks here in Canada, but one thing is for sure: Canada hosts some of the most pristine landscapes in the western hemisphere.