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The circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning. At its core, it represents the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, and the self. You might be wondering why our circle is broken. That’s because it represents the understanding that to become “perfect,” we need to allow others into our circle. This aligns as the @ symbol for socialization within the community, but we also realized the importance of an “open” circle, and sharing that ethos with others. Hence, the cactus. 

Cacti have spiritual significance symbolized in their hard protective exteriors, endurance, and strength to survive in harsh environments. This is all of us within the community, and on Earth in general. We endure our own challenges and we show strength, but we still house love in our hearts, much like the cacti, providing sustenance with its fruits and flowers, and a home for birds and other animals, who fill the holes left behind by woodpeckers. And much like an incomplete circle, these holes are symbols of strength, not weakness. 

The connection of the cacti and the @ symbol is your strength; it is your vulnerability; it is your story; it is our story. It might look like a typically whimsical Southwestern plant in the shape of an @ symbol, but it’s meaning is deeper. 


Hello Ranger

What’s the first thing you do when you visit a national park? Well, after taking selfies by the entrance sign, of course. You say, “Hello Ranger!” It signifies a welcome to the community, and socialization with park rangers, the friendly faces who greet you at national parks and who work to protect and preserve these beautiful places. Inspired by their mission, which also fosters social responsibility within the parks community, we pay homage with Hello Ranger. And like our beloved park rangers, we encourage you to visit and explore national parks with social responsibility and a sense of community, because after all, we’re all “United by Nature.” 

How to Refer to Hello Ranger

Hello Ranger

Hello Ranger Community

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United by Nature

As individuals, we’re all inherently different, with our own ideas, preferences, and passions. But if there’s one common ground that can bring people together from all walks of life, it’s nature. No matter who you are or where you come from, nature can connect. We’re still individuals and we’re all beautifully different, but together we’re “United by Nature.”

The Hello Ranger vision is to connect, enhance, diversify, and organize the national park experience, with the common goal to protect, preserve, and share the good they create in the world. 



Photo Credits

Patrick Rodden

Patrick Rodden is a California-based educator, whose passions lie within educational opportunities that abound at our national parks. As a frequent volunteer and traveler to national parks, he always brings has camera along to capture nature’s most pristine moments. His photography is featured throughout the website, which continues his mission of education through nature.


Tanner Saunders

Digital Editor, Travel + Leisure

“As an editor, stumbling onto Matt and Brad is one of the luckiest things that happened to me while launching a dedicated section of diverse voices for Travel + Leisure. To find someone as passionate about something as they are our National Parks is a tremendous asset—and it doesn’t hurt that they’re also insanely talented storytellers. Matt’s essay for T+L on finding a version of home in our national parks, and ultimately finding himself, is truly one of my favorite stories I’ve had the chance to edit. I can’t wait to see where this amazing couple goes next!”

Meghan Gearino

Travel Media Manager, Richmond Region Tourism

“Brad and Matt really are the perfect visitors to any destination. Their curiosity and pure joy for exploring is really compelling. They are eager to learn and experience what and who makes a destination unique. Matt enjoyed the Class III and IV rapids on the historic James River without hesitation while visiting the Richmond region and he absolutely loved it! While the outdoors and nature is their forte, Brad and Matt also love to dive into a destination’s food, beverage and cultural scene. They are living their dream right now in that RV and they are my heroes!”

Katlyn Richter

South Dakota Department of Tourism

“When we first met Matt years ago in South Dakota, it was the start to a marvelous and productive friendship and working relationship. Hosting Matt onsite in Badlands National Park and through the Black Hills National Forest was one of the greatest press trip experiences I have had to date in my years of public relations service in South Dakota. This team is easy to work with, thoughtful and productive, and most of all, incredibly passionate about what they do. They work under best practices for what the national parks mean to our country and by virtues of great journalism and storytelling. Matt has continued to keep South Dakota in mind as he pursues his next adventure – for that, we are extremely grateful.”

In The News

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This article, written by Matt, is when we realized we wanted to make a difference and change how people view and connect with nature. When we reviewed this story together, a shift happened that altered the way we fundamentally think about travel, and how we can help provide access to it for people of all walks of life.

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