Let’s Talk About Health

National parks are places for physical and mental wellness. These beautiful places have the power to motivate, inspire, rejuvenate, and uplift spirits. With our mental health and wellness page, we feature national parks content that’ll hopefully do the same for you. 

Gently Embracing a New Year

Even if something does end up “failing,” making the effort is a fantastic choice, and failure isn’t something that negates the initial intentions at all.

Hope in the Time of Corona

I urge you to find hope in small, daily ways. Put something on your calendar this week that exists just for you. Get out the map and plan a national park hike or visit one of the hundreds of national park historic sites in the next month if possible. Hope weaves into our stress resiliency by lifting our spirits in hectic times. Do not wait for it to show up. Build it up in meaningful ways and support others’ hopes whenever possible.