Welcome to the Midwest

Craggy badlands, tallgrass prairies, world-famous hot springs, great lakes, and the Land of Lincoln. Welcome to the Midwest, a region where national parks are rich with history, iconic American wilderness, and a hefty dose of patriotism. To check out stories covering the Midwest Region, keep your eyes on this page. 

Finding Solace and Solitude in the Midwest National Parks

Whether you’re seeking solace and solitude, space for healing and reflection, or just a little “leg room” after months of social distancing, the parks are ready to welcome us back with open arms. Thankfully, the Midwest national parks offer all of us an opportunity to find some comfort and quiet space to continue the conversations we’re only just beginning.

Isle Royale National Park/Photo by Park Chasers

How to Find the Magic and Heart of Midwest National Parks

The Midwest Region spans 11 different states and 57 of the more than 400 different units in the NPS. Of those 57 units, nine have the official national park designation. Among these, you’ll find one of our newest, one of our oldest, and one of the least visited national parks in the National Park Service.