Let’s face it: visiting national parks isn’t always a walk in the park. As beautiful, fun, and inspiring as these places are, these are also places where it’s all too easy to make a mistake, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re only human, after all! Plus, mistakes are how we learn, right?

Think of this page as your national parks confessional. From the funny mistakes to the scary ones, this is a place where we can all share our “Mistakes in the Parks.” What’s yours?

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Stop. Let’s Take a Selfie.

My husband Matt and I were at the Grand Canyon and we decided to do what all the trendy people do at the Grand Canyon: take a selfie at the edge of it. Well, what we realize now from this experience is that the more people who do this and share their photos, the more it encourages others to try it as well, and many fail.

Where’s the Trail Again?

Somehow we meandered off trail. I didn’t say anything at first, because it looked like we were still on the trail, even though we were inching further away from it on the app. I just kept assuming it would even out and correct itself.

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