Always Keep Food Safe From Vultures

At Everglades National Park, there’s plenty of wildlife to worry about, from alligators and crocodiles to elusive panthers and invasive pythons. Crows and vultures might not seem like the most obvious pests, but when there’s food involved, there’s no telling what these clever critters are capable of:

When we camped at Everglades National Park, we left our packages of dehydrated camp food out while we went to make a quick run to the camp store for firewood. When we returned, the crows and vultures had ripped open every single bag of food. We had no idea they would know those bags were food; we thought the packages had no scent. Luckily, the camp store had some emergency provisions! We also made almost daily visits to the farmstand outside the Homestead, Florida, park entrance, called Robert is Here. They make the best fruit shakes ever! Lesson learned the hard way—always keep all food secure, even dehydrated food.”

Submitted by Danielle from Everybody’s National Parks


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