Embracing Your Inner Gazelle on a Night Hike

Night hikes can be a great way to experience parks in a totally different environment, with even more peace and serenity than day hikes. But serenity comes to a screeching halt when you spot glowing eyes looking down at you from a canyon wall, as Jenn explains in her submission from Colorado National Monument in Grand Junction:

I took a couple girls on a night hike with headlamps into my favorite canyon trail. It was dark, and the stars were so pretty about a half mile before the end of the trail my headlight caught two circular reflections, eye-width apart, looking down from the canyon wall. Without thinking, I screamed ‘RUN!’ and took off in a dead sprint. Once on higher ground and lacking adrenaline, the girls asked, ‘What brought that on?’ I explained to them how I thought I caught the eyes of a cougar watching us. Once saying it out loud, I realized my first instinct made us look like prey and we all laughed. The next day I went to the same trail since it had a few trails breaking off of it and a giant sign was posted about cougars being spotted in the area. While glad we survived, I’ve learned to breathe before letting my gazelle instinct kick in.”

Submitted by Jenn

Just imagine a pair of glowing cougar eyes peering down at you…


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