Inadvertent Off-Roading

This confession was sent in by Lindsay King, our Solo Traveler Ambassador, who reminisces about a time in Yosemite when she did a little unintentional off-roading:

My first real national park experience was going to Yosemite with a group of 10 friends. It was the greatest weekend ever, but we were also pretty dumb (unintentionally) looking back. You can only use camping stoves at a few designated picnic areas and not in the campgrounds, so we had driven out there to cook dinner. While we were there, it got dark, but we were still hanging out and having fun so we decided to pull the jeep around to use the headlights to light up the table we were sitting at. Since it was dark, we didn’t realize we were driving around (not over) a line of small boulders that had been set up to deter cars from driving into that area. Not long after, a couple rangers showed up and were horrified that we had taken our jeep essentially off road in a national park just so that we could have a little more light. We felt terrible because we never would have done that intentionally, and they took pity on us and let us go with just a warning. But man, looking back I still feel bad about that.

Submission by Lindsay King


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