Stop. Let’s Take a Selfie.

This confession was sent in by our co-founder Bradley Kirouac. He explains how one day he found himself on the edge of the Grand Canyon taking a selfie. And if things turned out differently, he could have wound up with the same story as Humpty Dumpty:

My husband Matt and I were at the Grand Canyon and we decided to do what all the trendy people do at the Grand Canyon: take a selfie at the edge of it. Well, what we realize now from this experience is that the more people who do this and share their photos, the more it encourages others to try it as well, and many fail. And by “fail,” I don’t mean dropping your camera or taking a horrible selfie. I’m talking about how a handful of people die each year from falling into the Grand Canyon. Which puts our park rangers at risk as well. I know that photo is currently being used all over the place and we really need to work on taking them down from places, even if it’s our favorite selfie together.

Always, when traveling be careful of the edge at any age and ability.”

Submission by Bradley Kirouac

Brad (left) and Matt (right)


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