Where’s the Trail Again?

This confession was sent in by our co-founder Matt Kirouac. He explains how one day he found himself a little… off trail. Which could have been a HUGE mistake for a multitude of reasons:

My husband Brad and I were hiking the Kings Canyon Trail at Saguaro National Park, and I was following the route on my Alltrails app, like I always do. But then somehow we meandered off trail. I didn’t say anything at first, because it looked like we were still on the trail, even though we were inching further away from it on the app. I just kept assuming it would even out and correct itself. LOL. Next thing I know, we were facing a huge rock wall and clearly WAY off course. But we had wandered so far that we figured we might as well keep going, and eventually we’d meet the trail again. Well, we *eventually* did indeed. But only after an hour of increasingly steep, scary, and scratchy terrain that was clearly not meant for hiking. By the time we finally found the trail again, we were both pretty cut up from all the prickly plant life. But at least the views were amazing!

Submission by Matt Kirouac

Matt Kirouac tries his hand at rock climbing apparently/Photo by Bradley Kirouac


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