Welcome to the Hello Ranger Patreon Program! What is Patreon, you ask? To put it simply, you become a “Patron” of the community. Patreon is a membership platform that enables you to buy into your favorite creator’s community for a nominal fee and support their work and mission, typically via charity or opting into bonus content. This enables creators to earn a living off their work and share more of it with their listeners, through special bonus episodes, extra content, and other fun incentives. For those who are passionate about community, it’s a win-win! Here at Hello Ranger, we have three different Patreon levels to choose from, each with different perks—and cute names inspired by iconic national park wildlife.

Hello Ranger Patreon Levels

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The Bronze Roadrunner

The roadrunner symbolizes good luck. 

Some may only know roadrunners as a speedy Looney Tune, but this clever ground-dwelling bird is a common sight in the southwest U.S., found in places like Big Bend National Park, Saguaro National Park, and Death Valley National Park. They’re naturally inquisitive, quarrelsome, funny, playful, caring, and—most impressively—fearless.

By opting in to the $5 Bronze Roadrunner Patreon level, you can wish us “good luck” by supporting our mission and helping it to continue to grow, as we work to celebrate and support our national parks. Plus, we will add you to our monthly digital postcard.

The Silver Wolf

The wolf is a symbol of loyalty and spirit. 

As visitors to Yellowstone National Park or Isle Royale National Park may be able to attest, wolves have the incredible ability to make quick and firm emotional attachments, often relying on their own instincts. Thus, these majestic canines inspire us by teaching us to do the same; to trust our hearts and minds, and have control over our own lives.

By opting in to the $8 Silver Wolf Patreon level, you receive an entirely ad-free version of the Hello Ranger podcast, along with all the exclusive bonus content like “Hello Ranger Happy Hour,” “Traveling Eats,” #FindYourThemeParks, and more fun episodes produced just for you, plus we’ll send you a Hello Ranger sticker!

The Golden Dolphin

The dolphin represents balance and harmony

One of the most beloved animals on Earth, as seen in places like Biscayne National Park, Channel Islands National Park, and National Park of American Samoa, the dolphin represents balance and harmony because they are so deeply in-tune with their instincts and intelligence. They have an adorably playful nature, reminding us to approach life with a sense of joy and humor. Doing so helps us create more inner balance and harmony for ourselves, and in our parks. 

-You get everything from the previous levels, plus:

-By opting in to the $15 Golden Dolphin Patreon level, you’ll get access to Hello Ranger’s Social Media App, once launched, and retain access with your continued support of this level.

-You’ll also help provide access to individuals who can’t afford the app.

-And you’ll provide access to the hearing impaired by funding the production costs for YouTube videos with sign language experts creating visual versions of podcast episodes.

-Photo journals accompanying each main episode, with extra content sent directly to your inbox.

-With each “Traveling Eats” episode, Matt will send out a “NPS Dinner Party” recipe, inspired by that week’s featured park. It might be a dish, a drink, a dessert, or whatever else tickles his fancy. And sometimes more than one! This way you can eat and drink along with us.

-In-depth written guides to national parks and national park sites sent to you periodically (usually a few times a month), providing insight on everything from history and travel recommendations to what to see and do when visiting.

-Do you want to know what our favorite things are? We will send you a curated roundup of things we’re loving and supporting. This could mean our favorite artisan products, podcasts we follow, activities we’re digging, people who inspire us, IG feeds we’re drooling over, and more. 

-Plus, any other fun things we come up with on this journey. The possibilities are endless!

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