Hello Ranger’s philosophies provide a guideline for making decisions and help hold each other accountable for those decisions by asking the simple question: does this decision reflect our philosophies?

The core philosophies are our company’s ecosystem, and they help us understand the needs of the community we serve. These impact all the aspects of our business, from strategies to customer service and the overall brand. 


Hello Ranger

What’s the first thing you do when you visit a national park? Well, after taking selfies by the entrance sign, of course. You say, “Hello Ranger!” It signifies a welcome to the community, and socialization with park rangers, the friendly faces who greet you at national parks and who work to protect and preserve these beautiful places. Inspired by their mission, which also fosters social responsibility within the parks community, we pay homage with Hello Ranger. And like our beloved park rangers, we encourage you to visit and explore national parks with social responsibility and a sense of community, because after all, we’re all “United by Nature.” 


United by Nature

As individuals, we’re all inherently different, with our own ideas, preferences, and passions. But if there’s one common ground that can bring people together from all walks of life, it’s nature. No matter who you are or where you come from, nature can connect. We’re still individuals and we’re all beautifully different, but together we’re “United by Nature.”


The circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning. At its core, it represents the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, and the self. You might be wondering why our circle is broken. That’s because it represents the understanding that to become “perfect,” we need to allow others into our circle. This aligns as the @ symbol for socialization within the community, but we also realized the importance of an “open” circle, and sharing that ethos with others. Hence, the cactus. 

Cacti have spiritual significance symbolized in their hard protective exteriors, endurance, and strength to survive in harsh environments. This is all of us within the community, and on Earth in general. We endure our own challenges and we show strength, but we still house love in our hearts, much like the cacti, providing sustenance with its fruits and flowers, and a home for birds and other animals, who fill the holes left behind by woodpeckers. And much like an incomplete circle, these holes are symbols of strength, not weakness. 

The connection of the cacti and the @ symbol is your strength; it is your vulnerability; it is your story; it is our story. It might look like a typically whimsical Southwestern plant in the shape of an @ symbol, but it’s meaning is deeper. 


To connect and inspire people with the common goal of supporting our national parks.

Vision Statement

The Hello Ranger vision is to connect, enhance, diversify, and organize the national park experience, with the common goal to protect, preserve, and share the good they create in the world. 






Give Back

To show how we give back, we donate a minimum of 20% of profits from Hello Ranger to our national parks.

Value Proposition

Hello Ranger’s goal is to bring together communities of national park lovers, by use of technology to help unite gaps in the current offerings of national parks-related information. 

Executive Summary

The Hello Ranger mission is to connect and inspire people with the overall goal of supporting our national parks. We’re a national parks community social application (coming by the end of 2020), podcast, and blog. Co-founders, co-hosts, and co-husbands Matt and Brad Kirouac facilitate all things Hello Ranger— Brad is the Head of Business Development, and Matt serves as Editor-in-Chief. Their national parks journey started with Parklandia podcast, produced by iHeartRadio, but over time they realized their goal wasn’t to talk about their journey specifically, but rather to uplift the greater national parks community as a whole. Hence the birth of Hello Ranger. The Kirouacs travel the U.S. in their RV exploring America’s national parks with their dog Finn, meeting new people—and making new friends—along the way. Rounding out the Hello Ranger crew are our ambassadors, who act as digital guides to various regions and topics surrounding our national parks. To find out more about them, explore our website and find your guide to your next national park adventure.

Company Description

Hello Ranger is the go-to resource for connecting and fostering a national parks community. We strive to solve a longtime issue of finding (and celebrating!) different communities within the national parks as a whole. We are families, van-lifers, full-timers, retirees, educators, artists, diverse groups, solo travelers, couples, pet-owners, and so much more, with the common love of national parks. Together, we are “United by Nature.”

People might ask, why do I need another social media app on my phone? Why am I paying for the Hello Ranger app? There’s one simple answer.

The Hello Ranger vision is to connect, enhance, and organize the overarching national parks experience, with the common goal to protect, preserve, and share the good these places create in the world.

Hello Ranger is committed to giving a minimum of 20% of its profits to different charities that protect and preserve the national parks we love and cherish, and to initiatives to connect people to our national parks and make them more accessible. This commitment is something all of us care about, and that’s why we are all in this together as the Hello Ranger Community.


Organizational Structure

Below we’ve mapped out the organizational structure of Hello Ranger. First in line is the National Park Service. Then we move on to you, our ambassadors, and facilitators. As the Hello Ranger Community, including ambassadors and facilitators, all of whom are in service of our National Parks. This is the most important element, because this is what drives all of our decisions at Hello Ranger and content from our creators.

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