Nothing captures the national parks experience quite like a good photograph. Whether photography is a hobby, a job, a social media obsession, or a new curiosity, our photography page is here to guide you through the nuances of it all, and show how it’s become a pivotal part of the national parks journey. 

Taking a Closer Look at Macro Photography

Close-up photography is using a wide or telephoto lens close enough to the subject so it fills the frame. Macro, on the other hand, is the use of a specific lens to capture the fine details of a subject and has a 1:1 magnification, which makes your subject larger in the frame. Usually, we think of looking at a magnified bug’s eye or the cellular make-up of a leaf when we think of macro, but it’s so much more. And you should be using it in your landscape and nature photography!

National Park Photography 101

Photography is the capturing of light in a scene, and playing with light is the key to engaging photos. My goal here is to help give you tips and tricks you may not know about or use to help you get the best shots during your time in our most precious lands.