Photo courtesy of Great Smoky Mountains National Park/NPS

Welcome to the Southeast Region of the National Parks

Welcome to Hello Ranger, and welcome to our home, the Southeast Region of the U.S. This region encompasses park units in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Kentucky plus Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

We presently live in Woodstock, GA, (a northern suburb of Atlanta) and while we can be found visiting all of the U.S., we spend quite a bit of time visiting our local parks. Indeed, out of the 70 units found in the Southeast, we have been to 50 of them!

The variety you will find in the Southeast is tremendous. From tropical paradise in the Virgin Islands to the oldest city in country to the gentle mountains of the Appalachians, there’s a lot to see and explore. 

The Smokies offer a completely different kind of mountain view than you will find out West/Photo courtesy of Bonnie and Grant Sinclair

The Southeast offers a ton for the history buff. Here, you will find history going back more than 1,000 years, along with diverse cultures spanning from the wealth of coastal South Carolina to the homesteaders of the Smoky Mountains to the Acadians of the swamps of Louisiana

You will also find unparalleled natural beauty, like the mangroves of Biscayne National Park, the lush jungle of Virgin Islands National Park, and powder-white beaches of Gulf Islands National Seashore.

You can find pure untamed beaches with powder-white sand at Gulf Islands National Seashore/Photo courtesy of Bonnie and Grant Sinclair 

For the most part, exploring the Southeast can be done year-round. We are blessed with relatively mild winters and little interruptions in terms of winter weather, other than in the mountains themselves.

Indeed, for some locations, like the Everglades or Dry Tortugas, winter is the best time to visit by far. Honestly, summer is the one time of year we tend to make a point to get out of town—the heat and humidity can be unbearable.

We can’t wait to take you to all of these wonderful places in the Southeast and show you why we call it home/Photo courtesy of Bonnie and Grant Sinclair

With few exceptions, you can drive to pretty much every park site in the Southeast. They’re the perfect road trip material, and we do that often. None of the sites are particularly urban and most areas in the Southeast have limited mass transit, so having a car to visit these sites is always a good idea.

There are also three parkways in the Southeast, including one of the most visited units of the Park Service: the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

The one nice thing about the weather is you will find a lot of campgrounds in the region that are open year-round. We have a travel trailer that we take with us on most of our road trips, and being able to camp just about any time of year in the southeast is a nice perk.

In the coming years, we will take you to each of these sites and revel in what makes each site unique. We’re excited because there are quite a few we haven’t been to yet and we can’t wait to explore them. 

For example, we haven’t been to any sites in Kentucky, yet. We are really looking forward to exploring those sites, and the rest of the state!

We’re excited to have you along for the ride. We hope you enjoy exploring our home just as much as we do. 

Welcome to the South, y’all!

Header photo: Courtesy of Great Smoky Mountains National Park/NPS

Grant and Bonnie Sinclair are the founders of the travel blog, Our Wander-Filled Life. Both Georgia natives, they’ve lived in the Southeast their entire lives, and currently reside in Woodstock, Georgia, where they both work as high school teachers. When school is out, they hit the road to explore and learn more about the country through its national parks.


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