Since our national parks are organized by geographic regions, we’ve tapped some of our most inspiring regional experts to be your guides. A core aspect of our Hello Ranger Ambassador Program, these regional experts are here to provide guides, ideas, and stories that are sure to delight and educate, as well as encourage you to get out and explore! Our Regional Ambassadors cover the following segments of the U.S. and beyond: Alaska Region, Intermountain Region, Midwest Region, National Capital Region, Northeast Region, Pacific West Region, Southeast Region, and International. Start your journey by following along with one of our guides:


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Alaska Ambassador

Riley (The Parks Expert)

Home Base: Alaska

Hello, I’m Riley. A lifelong traveler who has been visiting national parks as long as she can actually remember. My newest passion is sharing my love of national parks with the world by planning trips, writing about travels, and offering advice. One day, I hope to visit all 419 national parks. But don’t worry I have amazing stories to tell you about Alaska.

Intermountain Ambassador

Becky Lomax

Home Base: Montana

Hello, I’m Becky. From my home outside Glacier National Park, I revel in the Intermountain parks. You’ll find me hiking the mountain parks in summer and skiing them in winter. In spring and fall, the Southwest parks satisfy my need to hike. You can check out my work as I am the author of Moon USA National ParksMoon Glacier National Park, and Moon Yellowstone & Grand Teton.

Midwest Ambassador

Amy & Greg Sippl

Home Base: St. Paul, Minnesota

Hello, we’re Amy and Greg Sippl, aka “The Park Chasers.” From our base camp in Minnesota, we’ve been “chasing” our dream of visiting all 400+ units of the National Park Service. We share our national park photos, stories, and travel advice to help others do the same. Even though we travel coast-to-coast, we have always called the Midwest home. From the Badlands to Gateway Arch, and Voyageurs to Hot Springs, we’re here to share everything the Heartland has to offer! 

National Capital Ambassador

Chris Rief

Home Base: D.C. Area

Hello there! I’m a non-profit professional with a deep passion for photography and our public lands. I live in the D.C. area, which offers endless opportunities for exploration. You can often find me exploring national park units near and far with my daughter, Quinn. I love taking her on adventures and working together to complete junior ranger booklets and earn badges! I have a weakness for visitor centers—collecting passport stamps and sending postcards to family and friends. A little-known fact about me is that my photo was featured on the America The Beautiful 4thGrade (Every Kid In A Park) Pass for 2017-2018. 

Northeast Ambassador

Matt Kirouac

Home Base: On The Road (Kinda Like That Other Kerouac)

Hello, I’m Matt Kirouac. A New Hampshire native, which explains why the Northeast will always feel like my “home” region. Even though I’ve been full-timing in our RV for the better part of two years, I’ll always have a soft spot for the White Mountains, the coast of Maine, the streets of Boston, and the rich history of places like Pennsylvania and New York. Follow along and get nostalgic with me!

Pacific West Ambassador

Linda Mohammad (She/Her/Hers)

Home Base: Central California

Hello there! My name is Linda, also known as The Bucket List Traveler. Originally from Malaysia, I now call California home. What started as a bucket list goal to experience all California national parks turned into a bigger bucket list to see all 62 America’s major national parks and I accomplished this goal in 2019. As a weekend warrior, I’m very passionate about energizing park lovers while you plan your visits to our public lands!

Southeast Ambassador

Bonnie and Grant

Home Base: Georgia

Hello, we’re Grant and Bonnie of the travel blog Our Wander-Filled Life. Both of us were born in Georgia and have lived in the Southeast our entire lives. Currently, we live in Woodstock (near Atlanta), where we are both high school teachers. When school is out, we hit the road to explore and learn more about our country through its national parks. We are excited to explore and share our nearby parks with you!

International Ambassador

Alyse Huynh (She/Her)

Home Base: Alberta and British Columbia 

Hello everyone! My name is Alyse and I’m from Western Canada. Joining the Hello Ranger team as the first international ambassador means I have the opportunity to share my experiences as an out-of-country visitor to the national parks, preserves, and monuments. My trips are never planned or organized very well, so along with my experiences hiking, I host a podcast that is essentially a “what not to do” guide to travel.

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