How to Spend One Epic Day in Denali

Many people visit Alaska with the hope of traveling everywhere. However, they quickly realize how truly difficult it is to travel within Alaska due to very few roads. They also discover that Denali National Park is easily the most accessible of all the national parks in Alaska. Many times, visitors have only one day in the park.

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Driving the Denali Park Road: A Unique Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience During Road Lottery

If you’ve ever researched visiting Denali National Park, you’ve probably noticed one thing immediately: you can’t drive on the single unpaved Denali Park Road. In order to reduce emissions, limit traffic congestion, and protect park resources and wildlife, Denali National Park began a bus system for travelers in 1972. Due to concern from nostalgic visitors who wished to drive the road, the park began its annual Road Lottery event in 1990, when 400 cars are given permits to drive the entire 92-mile Park Road.

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Meet Alaska’s 8 National Parks

Alaska is big, wild, and powerful. The state boasts some of the most beautiful and remote national parks in the country, each with its own unique characteristics. I’ve lived in Alaska on-and-off for seven years, and it’s my pleasure to introduce you.

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