Hot Springs is One National Park Where You Should Pack an Appetite

National parks are popular destinations for hiking, paddling, wildlife-spotting, and museums, but foodie meccas they are not—usually. Unless of course you visit Hot Springs National Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas, a tiny park unlike anything else in the National Park Service, and one that’s sure to change your idea of dining and drinking at national parks.

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Tucson Stole My Quarantined Heart

Tucson has quickly become one of my favorite cities. It’s a glowing testament to the city’s character, welcoming environment, serene nature, and enduring camaraderie in the face of a crippling pandemic. Being here and adapting to life in this desert oasis, as sweltering as it may be, has been a spiritually uplifting experience at a time when it’s needed most.

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Psst: Oklahoma City is a Sleeper Hit for Foodies

Gone are the days when chicken-fried steak and mechanical bulls were stereotypical fodder for Oklahoma City. Nowadays, chic cocktail bars, a thriving neighborhood culture, and restaurants blending history with modernity are all putting Oklahoma’s capital city on the map in a new way.

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