Delia D’Ambra Combines True Crime and National Parks With Her New Podcast, Park Predators

In this special episode, we’re talking about an exciting new podcast called Park Predators, an Audiochuck production, which you can subscribe to now. It’s from host Delia D’Ambra, and she delves into the darker side of our national parks, and the lurking predators there that are of the human variety.

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Meet Christine Cikowski, a Chicago Chef With a Passion for Parks

My favorite thing about our national parks is the widespread community they foster, and all the different ways they impart a sense of awe and inspiration in all of us. And speaking of being inspired, a great example of this is Christine Cikowski, a chef in Chicago who has been a personal source of inspiration for me for years. I’ve long been a fan of her cooking, and I love that she loves national parks as much as we do.

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