Welcome to the Boondocking Life

While similar in a lot of ways to RV life, van life is a world unto itself. Without many of the amenities and space that comes with RVs, vans offer a more simplistic approach to travel, focused more on the bare necessities and comforts. It’s an amazing way to explore America’s national parks, so follow along on our van life journey to learn more. 

The Most Epic Drives In and Around National Parks

It should be no surprise that we LOVE driving, and we’ve done a lot of it! A lot of the time, our favorite memories are driving to and around national parks—although we love a good hike, too. These are our favorite drives… so far

The Boondocking Basics for Van-Lifers

Boondocking, aka “dry camping,” is a kind of vehicle or RV camping without connection to services such as water, sewer, or electric. In a lot of cases, you trade these services, neighbors, and noise for solidarity, space, and beautiful sights and stars! Oh, and it’s usually free!

Hello Ranger Needs a Van Life Ambassador—Is That You?

One lifestyle aspect of our ambassador program that’s important to highlight is Van Lifestyle. Especially when talking about traveling America’s national parks and camping, it’s a prominent piece of the nomadic puzzle, right up there with RVs, tent camping, and hotels and lodges. There’s just something so freeing, alluring, and quintessentially all-American about the van life experience, and we want to share that with readers and intrepid explorers.